Master every area of your life!

You may have the edge, but do you have what it takes to consistently stay sharp in all the important aspects of your life?
I empower you with the focus, insight and accountability necessary to achieve the consistent results you long for in your life. I’m using the same tools and strategies in my work that I used to create my own sustained success.
If now is the time and you have the desire to create a lifetime of fulfillment, then I got what you need.

My typical client is an accomplished forward focused person, who by now has ticked most of the boxes in life, but still don't find themselves long term satisfied.
Simply put: you want more out of life, you know you have the potential, now you are ready to get the tools necessary...


My methodology

I picture the human strive for a life in fulfillment as an ascent, a strive to the top. Almost without exception, the ascent to the top requires slight adjustment of behaviour.
Sustainable and stress resilient adjustment of behaviour involves some rewiring of the brain. Mindfulness is a methodology that science has researched for over 30 years, it delivers just that: tools ensuring sustainable change of desired behaviour.
I use Mindfulness as foundation together with findings in neuroscience, behavioral science and other systems I find suitable for the present situation.
In all I facilitate and all the tools I use, I use the same strategies I used to create my own success.

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Me and my philosophy

I hold a Master of Engineering, I love science, I find most beliefs fascinating, I use ancient meditation techniques because they are effective and for their inclusiveness. I have a background as serial entrepreneur in high tech, I took my first coaching certification 2009 and since then I have more and more devoted myself to human behaviour and interaction.

I’m a firm believer that all of us are responsible for our own wellbeing, I’m the creator of my life. I want a life at my full potential and I make sure I realize this potential. When we hold mastery of our life, we experience there is only one limited resource in our lives: TIME.
There’s an abundance of all the others!

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Andreas & Rosario

Couples can create a lifetime of fulfillment together!

Science is conclusive regarding how potent the quality of our primary relationship is for our general sense of wellbeing and for a sustainable ability to deliver high performance at work.

In my work with couples I have teamed up with Rosario, this razor-sharp, yet loving woman firmly anchored in Swedish culture with her roots in Venezuela. She is my partner in couples training, transformation and coaching.

We have specialised in couples that work and live outside of their native country and culture. One of the reasons we chose to specialise on this group is found in the fact that they are acutely aware of the effects Couple Dynamics can bring to the everyday life, and they are brave. They know the benefits moving out of the comfort zone can bring to life.

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Testimonials and feedback…

I know I am going against all rules regarding how to build trust and credibility online by choosing NOT to have a section or a clip with a happy client vouching for how great it is to work with me... But the thing is that my clients like being private and I respect that.

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Free meditations

I have practiced mediation for almost 2 decades, primarily Vipassana along with other methods, including moving meditation. It has brought me lots of benefits and used correctly it is a very powerful to tool in creating the life you want.
In this section I have uploaded some recordings. The titles should be pretty self explanatory, some are in English others in Swedish.