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You may have the edge, but do you have what it takes to consistently stay sharp in all the important aspects of your life?
My systematic approach empowers you with the focus, insight and accountability necessary to achieve the consistent results you long for in your life.
The models I use are scientifically proven and deliver results, I’m using them myself on a daily basis to create and sustain my own personal success.

My typical clients are accomplished forward focused individuals, working outside of their home country often living in an International relationships. They have by now “ticked most of the boxes” in life, but still feel something is missing.


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I have practiced mediation for almost 2 decades, primarily Vipassana along with other methods, including moving meditation. It has brought me lots of benefits and used correctly it is a very powerful to tool in creating the life you want.

In this section I have uploaded some recordings. The titles should be pretty self explanatory, some are in English others in Swedish.

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